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Many of my clients come from previous happy referrals, who trust me to coach their colleagues, friends, and family with their next career steps. Let me help you craft your career success story.

The interview is the best way for a person to shine and demonstrate the strengths, passion and experience. Easier said than done especially if your interviewed by the CEO or CMO or CCO or all of them!!! So Louise is absolutely amazing as she puts herself in the shoes of the interviewer and asks you all the challenging questions you are about to face! She studies your case in advance, she provides extremely relevant feedback and coaches you how to excel and shine at the interview. So I passed 6 virtual interviews with all of the people I mentioned above… And I got the job! Truly appreciate Louise coaching and support – it gave me so much confidence and self-belief, helped me overcome any fears and I kept my focus on my passion and strengths.”

Velichka Valcheva

Chief Medical Officer - GH Research plc
"As many people, I knew what I didn't want as a career but finding what it is that I want proved more challenging. Working with Louise, I was able to start focussing on what is important to me and which direction I want to take. She is very professional and can confidently arm someone with the tools needed to succeed at work and in life."
Eric Paquin
Head of Product & Innovation - CryptoCracker
“My biggest challenge before coaching was getting out of my 'comfort zone’. I had been in the same role for a number of years without progressing, was frustrated and unsure what my next steps should be. Having Louise give me that push and encouragement during consistent sessions built my confidence. The volume of exercises and resources she provided during the programme, was invaluable and I will regularly refer back to this as required. I was promoted within a few weeks of completing coaching with Louise, I feel more positive about my career and confident that I can progress further and proactively manage my own career."
Risk Expert - Financial Services
"After being with the same company for 11 years I started interviewing assuming it’ll be easy and managed to fail 3 interviews one after the other. My confidence was rock bottom when I got in touch with Louise. My biggest challenge was that I didn’t seem to be able to get my experience across and would just freeze. I was very confident at work yet during the interviews I was timid and would freeze. After 2 interview coaching sessions this completely changed. Louise reminded me through various exercises about my amazing experience (things i had forgotten about), she managed to build my confidence back. I was able to fly through the next interviews and got 3 offers within 2.5 weeks of my last session with her. I would recommend Louise to anyone who needs interview coaching and am grateful I met her!!
Tijen Denis Delaney
Lead Technical program manager - mastercard
“I am very glad I found Louise in my online search and a colleague of mine had also recommended Louise to me. She helped me understand how I can get clarity on what direction I would like to take through coaching tools and session exercises I undertook. I improved upon my CV and Interview Preparation skills. My confidence improved a lot throughout our sessions."
Ken Walsh
Partner Success Manager at Board International
"I have worked with Louise over the course of several months. My goal was to increase my productivity at work, while at the same time to create a better life for myself outside of work. Louise is an excellent coach! She provided me with the tools and feedback to learn which directions I should go, and the best ways to achieve my goals. Louise's unique strength lies in her ability to elicit personal values and goals through creative exercises. Her coaching has been very effective, my goals have been reached and my life has been positively impacted. My recommendation: 5/5 stars."
Technology Sector
“Before coming to Louise I was struggling to face my fears of failure, to find my inspiration and believe in my own talents.  Louise’s coaching service came highly recommended from a friend who had taken the jump to self-employment and I wanted an independent voice to bounce off, outside of friends and family.  I enjoyed finding a non-judgemental space to discuss my thoughts, disclose my fears and share my achievements. Louise is encouraging and very positive, challenging me with work sheets that were thought-provoking and stimulating. I’m moving forward, being creative and know the future is brighter because of our sessions. The coaching exercises between sessions are very effective. I think about my day in a more constructive manner using any spare minutes in a thoughtful, productive way. Recognising what was holding me back was empowering and released me to move forward."
Audrey Vance
Founder at activity time ireland

“I booked coaching sessions with Louise when I was at a crossroads in my career and needed to get some clarity and guidance on my next steps. Working through the exercises and giving myself time to reflect and question my values whilst also having to reach out to friends and family for their opinions was a worthwhile and motivating experience. I gained confidence and insight into what is important to me, my career and my work life balance and the sessions allowed me to identify roles and industries that would enhance that area of my life. I continued the sessions to include the CV Review and Interview skills which was hugely beneficial.

All the sessions were confidence building and gave me the skills needed to successfully apply and interview for a new role which I start soon. I can highly recommend Louise for her passion for her work and you as an individual when you are in her company but also in the follow up emails she sends you. She will bring out the best you, but you must be willing to put the time in! It is a worthwhile investment on yourself and I know will stand to me for many years. Thank you Louise.

Ciara Buckley

"Louise I nearly booked you last year but decided to wait and apply for jobs as I thought I could try it on my own. Looking back really I should have booked you last year! I went for lots of interviews and didn’t get placed on a panel! My confidence was almost gone and I really thought there was no hope left. I came back to asking you to help and booked the interview package and today I am delighted to have gotten my new dream job and its all thanks to you Louise."
Senior Manager Public Service (HSE)
"Louise was brilliant in pointing out the fixes I needed to make in order to present better at interview. After working with Louise I was much better prepared for my interviews, she also gave me great confidence that I had something to offer!"
Paul Cahill
“Finding Louise and doing three career coaching sessions with her has literally changed my life. It sounds dramatic but it’s true. It was a gradual process but I feel that the sessions with her gave me the tools to increase my confidence in my own abilities, which in turn gave me the confidence to make the changes I needed. I enjoyed changing one small thing a day, it gradually turned into big changes that have made a huge impact on my life. I also realised that I love networking, which I had never really done before the coaching, as I had never seen the benefit to me and now it’s a huge part of my new role! It certainly didn’t happen overnight, a lot of time and effort went into it but I am delighted with how things have turned out and am very grateful to Louise for her support, professionalism and wonderful coaching style."
Recruitment Sector
"I went to Louise to improve upon my interview technique, but what I found was as well as improving my interview skills I also gained tools that have helped me not only in planning out interview answers but other methods for setting goals for my future career and making sure I am achieving those goals."
Alan Walsh
"As my fear for interviews more often than not led me to poor performances, I decided to work with a coach. I contacted Louise and after our first session I felt transformed. She gave me not only the right tools to tackle my coming interview but also the confidence I needed to face an interview panel. I was the reserve candidate but got a much better offer than expected. I know I have to continue working to further improve my interview skills, but the improvement I made in my interview performance after working with Louise was really noteworthy. I have no doubt I will go back to Louise when the next opportunity arrives."  
Higher Education Sector
“When I first met Louise I was lacking motivation due to dissatisfaction in work. She helped me to find out what areas interested me, not just to motivate me to find a new job, but to find a new job that I could be happy with. Like Louise says "There's a difference between having a job and having a career". Together we also highlighted my skills, and she made me think about things I would never have thought of before. Both during and after my sessions I stayed motivated and took small, but significant steps, and now less than 2 months after I had my first session, I have a new job. I couldn't be happier that I decided to try Louise's career coaching, it really works!"
Ida Young
Legal sector

The combination of regular coaching sessions, thought provoking exercises, excellent coaching and the genuine interest you had while listening to my challenges all led to my success. Louise I’m so happy to tell you I got the VP role and couldn’t have done it without your help. Your passion and positivity in your work and for my success kept me motivated and I can’t believe the difference these few weeks have made on my life. I truly can’t thank you enough.


Global Finance Director
“Through the Interview Preparation Coaching, Louise really helped me with my approach to interviews and with my confidence and ability to show my strengths to an interview panel. The session was much more than I expected - it helped me to think further into the future about what I want from my life and career. Louise's enthusiasm and her commitment to helping her clients is infectious - I definitely left feeling invigorated and more motivated than ever. As a new graduate in a tough employment market, her input was invaluable and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone. Thank you so much, Louise, for helping me to land my dream job!."
Solicitor - Finance
"Louise I’ve been offered the Director position! The interview process was great - 3 rounds of interviews, a mix of presentations, core competencies, situational and value based questions. I am going to accept it as I think it is a good fit for me. I want to thank you for your time, expertise and for your feedback, it was very helpful. Your positive coaching style made all the difference to how I approached these interviews and this in turn helped me clarify what I needed from my next job.”
Director - Health Services
“Before meeting Louise I was feeling very ‘lost’ in my current position and severely lacking in confidence. Over the course of our career coaching sessions, Louise provided me with excellent guidance and helped me dissect and address what I thought was an overwhelming situation, into bite-sized pieces. Louise helped me to focus on my positive attributes as all I could see at the time were my weaknesses and failings. With her help, I realised that I didn’t necessarily have to change my career; instead I focused on a specialty within my profession that interested me. As a result, I have not changed my position, but I now have the confidence to put myself forward for tasks that I would previously have shied away from. Overall, I feel more positive and re-invigorated in my area of expertise, and most importantly believe in myself again.  I would highly recommend Louise’s career coaching sessions to friends and colleagues. It was the best decision I made."
Project Manager
“Louise worked as an Associate Career & Executive Coach with Harmonics since 2012 delivering 1:1 Career Transition Programmes, Leadership Coaching Programmes and facilitating workshops with our clients. Louise has also contributed to the CV and Cover Letter sections of our Self-Marketing Manual. Thoroughly professional in her approach, the feedback we receive from clients on the work that Louise delivers on our behalf is consistently excellent. I can recommend Louise highly as an expert in her field.”
Fiachra Driscoll
General Manager Harmonics
“I came to Louise looking for clarity and direction - and she absolutely delivered. I found her to be very professional, easy to connect with and most importantly her coaching made me feel empowered and inspired to take immediate action. Louise is an excellent coach and I would highly recommend her services."
Health & Fitness Sector - Self-Employed
“I knew that I had a sense of wanting to change things but had a lack of clarity about how to move forward. I did quite a bit of research and chose Louise's services as I was attracted to the creative angle. The work we did really gave me the space to talk about myself and have somebody objectively relay back what I was saying. When you hear yourself through others it can really give you clarity on where you want to go. The coaching tools & techniques do take a lot of time but I believe that this is necessary, as where I started out from to where I am now has only been achieved by spending the time to think, research, eliminate and then identify the right option for me. I am no longer stressed or anxious about the next steps as I know that it will happen and I am excited about the journey ahead. I am also clearer on some options that I had previously thought were suitable career options for me, I am not going for second best and am now much clearer on the direction."
Sarah Hogan
HR Manager

“Louise was very engaging and managed even on days when I was extremely de-motivated to keep me engaged. No mean feat!. Coaching has added new structures to the methods I needed to practice around time-management and concentration. I am much more conscious of how much I control in terms of allowing people to hijack my time. I am now planning better. We moved from my professional situation to my personal situation and Louise demonstrated strategies for both. Louise has a depth of knowledge and she got me working towards my goals whether I was in the form or not. I would say, do not expect Louise to do the work for you, she’s there to guide and facilitate you. Coaching was a very positive experience and I need to continue the strategies that Louise has introduced.”


Senior HR Director
“Before meeting with Louise I was pretty disillusioned about my career direction. I was sure I was on the wrong track and as I couldn't figure out what I wanted myself, I asked Louise to help. She helped me to focus on what was important to me, including my core values. By having our values met regularly through our work we will have a more fulfilling career. So simple but so true. What I liked most was the way Louise was able to make me think differently about things and approach things from different angles. There were numerous occasions where I simply said, “I never thought of it like that!". 
Although this is not a counselling service as Louise is keen to point out, the exercises were quite therapeutic and thought provoking and were great at getting your core values and principles out in the open. Since the sessions I am more focused on what I need to be doing to make sure I follow the right career path for me. Also, I love the mind-mapping. I mind map everything now and it’s so much better than making lists!"
Project Manager
“For some time I struggled to properly identify a career that would fulfil me and also utilise my skills and experience. Louise’s energy and knowledge instantly helped me to start a process of self-analysis, which has given me clear and actionable objectives and has helped give me some clarity with regards to what my career direction should be. Louise provides constructive guidance and she is non-judgemental and doesn’t “pigeon hole” you into set careers, she lets you look at yourself and helps you see the wood for the trees. I’d recommend Louise to any friend or colleague, no matter what stage they are in, in their careers, or what their professional or educational background."
Higher Education
“I really want to thank you for all your help. I am now working in the same salon I secured my work experience in and for the first time in many years I'm enjoying my job and I'm happy. Also, it's funny how many of my friends have since followed my footsteps. I felt so positive and motivated after meeting with you. Usually after attending something like this I would feel deflated again after a few days but not this time. I really feel you taught me life skills that I will forever use."
Louise Branagan
career transition from Financial Services to Beauty Industry
“I found the coaching experience extremely valuable and believe that this marks the beginning of a new career path. Coaching has given me tools and methods that I can use on a regular basis to remind me of what is important and how to really plan your goals! Through the coaching process I was able to highlight the most important things to address in my life right now and realize the importance of always honouring your values.
Coaching has now provided me with an effective way to plan out my career map in a creative way. Louise is incredibly supportive and I would highly recommend Louise's coaching services. Her coaching has taught me to write things in such a way that I can plan a course of action suited to my needs. Great experience!"
Carly Keegan
Art & Design teacher with Institute of Further Education
"I really enjoyed my sessions with Louise. It was lovely to be around someone so positive and inspiring. I have been busy trying to do the follow up work and reading what she set me and I am now really looking forward to what the future holds as opposed to being nervous and anxious. Louise is a joy to work with and I would highly recommend her sessions."
Financial Services Sector
“I thought I hated my job and sought Louise's help to 'get a new life'. How wrong was I?! Initially sceptical of her mantra that 'I would be the one with all the answers', I quickly realised that trusting in her was the right thing to do. Louise has helped me to turn a dial in my brain which has eliminated so many negatives and turned them into positives. My journey continues but I have actually realised that there are many aspects of my job that I love and I think I have accepted for the first time in a 20 year long career that I am actually really good at what I do."
Media & Communications

“Working with Louise while preparing for an interview for a leadership position was beneficial both in terms of boosting my confidence and helping me feel prepared, and also in providing some much-needed direction in how to approach the interview strategically. After two sessions focusing on interview preparation I went into the interview armed with knowledge of my strengths and how to ameliorate for perceived weaknesses, feeling that I had done everything within my power to achieve my goal. I got the job and highly recommend Louise as a coach for anyone who needs a steer from a friendly, experienced and expert coach.”

Head of Library Services 

Higher Education
Due to the confidential nature of coaching, some names have not been published WITH THE SUCCESS STORIES as requested by the client.