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I help talented Leaders, Executives and Entrepreneurs to take stock, clarify goals, and create strategic plans when seeking professional change. My personalised programs will Level Up Your Leadership.

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Discover how to lead with influence, inspire others, and focus your career trajectory to excel in your professional and personal life.

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Leadership and Executive Coaching supports Leaders who have been successful in their career to date, but perhaps due to lack of fulfilment or progression in a current role, increased responsibility and lack of support, the possibility of redundancy or a downturn in your industry or business sector, you now need to re-evaluate your situation and reposition yourself. Leadership Coaching allows you to take stock of your current situation with the support of an independent sounding board, clarify the next steps from a professional and personal perspective, and implement an effective action plan. 

“I did quite a bit of research and chose Louise’s services as I was attracted to the creative angle. The work we did really gave me the space to talk about myself and have somebody objectively relay back what I was saying. When you hear yourself through others it can really give you clarity on where you want to go.

Sarah Hogan - HR MANAGER

Level up your leadership

To be a great leader, start leading yourself

Are you an ambitious Leader taking on new challenges, transitioning into a new role or a new career chapter?

My personalised one-to-one ‘Leadership Strategy Coaching’ programmes will provide you with the space to take stock, reevaluate your strengths, skills, and values, and clarify the next steps.

My Leadership Strategy Coaching one-to-one program supports ambitious professionals moving into more senior roles with greater business responsibility and employee engagement remit. Managers and Executives work with me to clarify areas for growth, set strategic goals, and develop personalised action plans to achieve their leadership goals. Leaders operating in mid-senior level positions and Entrepreneurs engage my coaching services to think more creatively, overcome limiting beliefs and build confidence, become more resourceful, enhance communication and networking skills, and fulfill their leadership potential.

The exact areas of focus in our leadership coaching sessions can differ based on the leader’s function, corporate setting, and individual requirements. The ultimate goal is to assist you in acquiring the skills, competencies, and mental fitness needed for effective leadership in your particular professional context.

During the coaching process, I encourage my clients to complete coaching tools and techniques to maintain focus and create good momentum. This self-reflective work between sessions is insightful for clients and is where they begin to see positive change. You need to be willing to experiment with new ideas and be open to using new tools and techniques during the course of the leadership strategy coaching process.

Leadership Strategy Coaching focuses on topics tailored to your professional needs and goals. Key areas of focus for my clients include:

  • Leadership Strategy and Development for Mid-Senior Managers, Executives, Directors, C-Suite (CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, etc.),  similar Public Sector grades, and Business Owners seeking an independent sounding board.
  • First 90 Days – adjusting to a new Leadership role.
  • Developing your Leadership Style.
  • Effective Time Management and Delegation.
  • Communicating with Gravitas and strengthening Executive Presence.
  • Building Authentic Confidence.
  • Dealing with Imposter Syndrome and building self-belief.
  • Managing Change and overcoming challenges. 
  • Work-Life Balance.
  • Relationship Management.
  • Leadership Resilience. 
  • Innovation and Creativity.

All coaching programmes are customised to your unique needs and goals.


Work smarter, not harder

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My focus is coaching ambitious professionals who are serious about investing in their careers and a personalised coaching process.

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Leadership Strategy for Clarity

take stock

Before we meet you will receive the Pre-Coaching Questionnaire, which helps you prepare for your first session, articulate your current situation, and focus on what you would like to achieve. This pre-coaching preparaton provides a starting point for our coaching journey.

One-to-one Sessions

My coaching packages are not off-the-shelf training. I coach my Leadership clients directly and each one-to-one personalised coaching session is specifically tailored to your goals and requirements. I intentionally only take on a few Private Leadership Clients at a time.

coaching resources

Coaching content is tailored to each client’s needs. Practical Coaching Exercises, Tools and Techniques, and Recommended Reading, are provided during your coaching program to keep you focused and inspired between sessions and support your goals and action plans.


I personally 'check-in' with you via email for sustained learning and inspiration. Providing additional resources and topics for further research, reflection, and action. This personalised 'check-in' keeps you accountable, and increases focus and motivation between sessions.

Leadership Coaching benefits your future

Your leadership strategy to success starts now!

Benefit from the support of an objective coach with whom you can discuss doubts, challenging situations, work relationships and develop strategies to manage effectively.

Helping you to think more creatively, identify and overcome limitations, become more resourceful, plan strategically, and fulfill your potential.

Discover effective time-management techniques to achieve professional goals, which are aligned to overall business objectives. Work Smarter, Not Harder!

Assists with empowering and motivating yourself and staff members, dealing with conflict management, and delegating appropriately. 

Identify what matters most in your leadership role (professional & personal values) and gain a better understanding of why values are so important when it comes to long-term satisfaction, fulfillment, and strategic planning.

Time away from the busy day-to-day distractions in order to diagnose your current situation and explore different options from a Leadership and Executive or Business Owner perspective.

Supports those moving into or already working in more strategic roles with greater business responsibility and employee engagement remit.

Improves your effectiveness in the workplace, while maintaining a good work-life balance.

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