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Coaching to Unlock Your Potential

If you are an ambitious mid-senior leader ready to make your next career move, navigating redundancy or returning to work after a career break - I can help you.

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Elevate your career

Helping You Achieve Your Definition of Success

Whether you are looking to improve your leadership style, navigating challenges in the workplace, or seeking a next-level opportunity, together we’ll create an action plan to accelerate your results.

Stepping back and taking stock at regular intervals in your career to reassess your goals, can help you to work out where you can find true fulfilment, purpose, and balance. My specialised one-to-one coaching will enable you to clarify what you want, set specific goals and design career plans to achieve what matters most to you. Depending on what you wish to achieve, we’ll focus on key areas including Career Direction and Clarity, Leadership Development, Personal and Career Goal Setting, Self-Confidence, overcoming Imposter Syndrome, Communication Skills, proactive Job Search techniques, Senior Level Interview Preparation, Work-Life Balance for long-term fulfilment. 

My ‘Leadership Strategy’ and ‘Career Transition’ coaching programs are tailored for professionals working in or applying for positions at a Mid-Senior level (10+ years experience in Leadership and Management positions to C-Level Executives) in the Private and Public sectors, across a range of industries including; Finance and Banking, Technology, Pharmaceutical, Legal, Construction, Retail, Marketing, Communications, Education, Healthcare and Government.

Taking your personal and professional circumstances into consideration, we will focus on measurable steps to your success. The one element my clients have in common is, they are ambitious professionals ready for change. 

"The combination of our regular coaching sessions, thought provoking exercises, excellent coaching and the genuine interest you had while listening to my challenges all led to my success. I truly can't thank you enough."

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How does coaching work?

Coaching is a highly personalised process, which requires personal commitment and an investment in yourself when seeking career clarity and direction. If you are considering a career transition, preparing for a promotion or job search, navigating a redundancy, or increasing your confidence to pursue your goals, coaching will help you accelerate your success. 

A female coach and her client at a standing desk in a creative office space, sharing ideas.

Sometimes we need to take stock of where we are and how fulfilled we feel, before looking at where we really want to be long-term. Family and friends always want what is best for us but often this is not want we want for ourselves. Coaching is an empowering process, working with someone who has an objective view of the situation, who can raise your awareness of different perspectives and explore necessary steps to change direction. Insightful coaching techniques will help you identify your career and personal values, talents and transferable skills before creating short and long term action plans. Each person’s experience of coaching will differ and so too will the duration of their sessions. 

Coaching requires personal commitment and is not a quick-fix process and will deliver results over time. Realistically professionals at a mid-senior level (with 10+ years experience) tend to require at least 3-6 sessions to start and get used to the process, apply the insightful coaching exercises and actions between appointments and commit to making effective changes – because behavioural change takes time.

One-to-one sessions are conducted Online via Video (Skype/MS Teams) so I can work with you from anywhere in the world, location and time-zones are no problem. I’ve been working remotely with clients in Ireland, UK, Europe, USA, Canada,  India, South Africa and Australia since 2008. 

Typically we meet online for one-to-one sessions every 1-2 weeks (or every few days depending on how quickly you want to progress a coaching program) to create a good momentum between appointments and keep focused. Once comfortable with the coaching process wider intervals can work well. That said, feedback from my clients is that they see positive changes and achieve the results they want quite quickly, which is what most people want.

The popular ‘Career Transition Accelerator Program’ is a 6-8 week bespoke one-to-one programme for ambitious leaders looking to land their next dream role!

To allow you to step back from the day to day distractions on a professional and personal level, appointments are a minimum of 90 minutes in duration (or 2 hours depending on package option), which allows you to cover the appropriate coaching content and benefit most from the process.

You will need to be willing to; set goals and note actions required, try new concepts or different ways of doing things, keep an open mind and use the coaching tools and resources provided between sessions.   

Consistency is key, and in additional to your one-to-one sessions I recommend a daily commitment to benefit most from the coaching process. This can include completing some insightful coaching exercises, reading relevant books to support your goals (a comprehensive reading list is provided to support your development during the Leadership Strategy and Career Transition programs) or completing research on your options identified during the process. I’m a firm believer in working smarter not harder and will show you how to make the best use of your time. 

  • Are you seeking a new leadership promotion or a new career opportunity and don’t know where to start?
  • Are you feeling stuck, confused or lack knowledge on what steps to take next or how to navigate the job market?
  • Are you considering moving on from your current position or starting a new role and want to increase your self-esteem and confidence?
  • Do you want to improve your leadership capability, competence in your abilities, communication and time management skills?
  • Do you want more meaning and purpose in your career and life?
  • Are you ready to commit the time to make changes in your career and take action?

    If you answer YES to any of these questions coaching will work for YOU!

If you are an ambitious professional Leader, Manager, Executive or Entrepreneur who is prepared to engage fully in my coaching process including; tailored one-to-one coaching sessions, spending time between sessions on the self-reflective techniques, powerful coaching tools and resources, and embrace the proactive Personal Branding techniques if seeking next level roles – then get in contact to start your coaching.

My personalised coaching services will NOT suit you:

  • If you are looking for a ‘quick-fix solution’ and for me to do all the work for you.
  • If you are not prepared to put in time, effort and commitment during and between appointments for positive change in your career or unwilling to step out of your comfort zone.
  • If you don’t want to invest in yourself to achieve exceptional results, then my coaching services may not suit you.

Before we meet for either the Leadership Strategy Coaching or Career Transition Coaching programmes you will receive the Pre-Coaching Questionnaire, which helps you prepare for your first session and articulate your current situation, while focusing you on what you would like to achieve. This provides a starting point for our coaching journey.

Following each session you will receive a ‘Check-In’ e-mail with relevant Coaching Materials, including Practical Coaching Exercises, Tools and Techniques, Resources and Recommended Reading, to keep you focused and inspired between sessions and support your goals and action plans.

Completing the coaching techniques between sessions maintains focus and momentum in achieving the positive results you desire.

My background in the corporate, creative and coaching industries supports my work with leaders in various positions across the Private and Public sectors. Everyone is different and will present different issues and goals, but the one thing my clients have in common is they want more fulfilment and balance in their career and life than they currently have. My Leadership and Career Coaching one-to-one programmes can help to work out where you can find that fulfilment and work-life blend. My current focus is working with the following clients:

  • Leaders, Managers, Senior Executives, Directors, C-Suite, Middle Management and Individual Contributors.
  • Entrepreneurs starting a business and Self-Employed.
  • Business owners who want to increase visibility and sales.

My clients in the following sectors, industries and professions have benefited from my coaching services:

  • Financial Services and Banking sector.
  • ICT (Information and Communication Technology).
  • Pharmaceutical  & Healthcare Industry.
  • Telecommunications.
  • Design (UX/Graphic/Web/Interior).
  • Construction sector.
  • Not-For-Profit sector.
  • Education sector. 
  • Fashion and Retail.
  • Marketing and Communications.
  • Government & Public Sector.

Career Clarity + Confidence = success!

Helping Professionals Transform their Careers

Over the past 20 years I have helped hundreds of people like YOU, clarify career direction, increase confidence, take action, create focused career plans AND land their Dream Roles!
Supporting ambitious professionals, leaders, managers executives, and individual contributors working in the Private and Public sectors in Ireland and Worldwide to Stand Out, Raise Your Personal Brand and Succeed at Interview. Let me help you move from where you are, to where you want to be.

Get ready to take action

benefits of coaching.


Clarify what you really want to do next in your leadership career. My coaching process provides a confidential space to take stock, prepare the groundwork and get crystal clear on what matters most (your values), to ensure they are aligned with your next steps.


Remove distractions, set priorities and focus your career plans based on your needs, not others expectations. I help you to develop personalised strategic goals and action plans to thrive in your career. Focus your jobsearch to explore internal options and identify new external opportunities.


Influence at a peer and senior management level, with clear and concise communication. Discover how to engage and build trust with your colleagues and stakeholders, both virtually and in-person. I will help you to raise your profile and increase recognition at a senior level.


Build an authentic confidence and competence in your abilities and identify what differentiates you from the competition. I'll help you identify your 'value proposition' and what makes you unique. Carve out your definition of success at the next level.


Working one-to-one with a qualified and experienced Leadership & Career Coach, I will support, encourage and provide you with healthy stretch and challenge during your tailored coaching programme. Move from stuck and confused, to clear and confident about your journey of change and next steps.


Raise your motivation levels and gain a renewed energy in both professional and personal goal achievement. I will help you create more balance and control both inside and outside the workplace. Get ready to look forward to leaving work each day with a bundle of energy to enjoy every other aspect of your life.

“I gained confidence and insight into what is important to me, my career and my work-life balance and the sessions allowed me to identify roles and industries that would enhance that area of my life. It is a worthwhile investment in yourself and I know will stand to me for many years.”

Ciara Buckley - Associate Director, Regeneron

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Are You Ready to Make a Bigger Impact in your career?

Coaching helps you to stop procrastinating about decisions, focus on your priorities and change direction in career and life. My personalised one-to-one coaching programmes will inspire you to embrace your unique talents and show you a roadmap to success on your own terms. I help people who want to thrive in career, business and life.

I am an action-oriented coach who specialises in helping mid-senior professionals, leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs (with 10yrs+ experience) achieve career success. I work best with people who are motivated and ready to make a change. I will support, encourage and provide you with healthy stretch and challenge during your coaching sessions, while you do the work between appointments and reap the benefits of your efforts.

Following each session, I encourage my clients to complete coaching tools and techniques to maintain focus and create good momentum. This self-reflective work between sessions is often very insightful for clients and where they begin to see positive change. You need to be willing to experiment with new ideas and be open to using new tools & techniques during the course of the coaching process.

Lead with confidence

Leadership Strategy

Leadership Strategy Coaching helps Mid-Senior level professionals and entrepreneurs think more creatively, build self-confidence, become more resourceful and innovative, enhance communication and networking skills, and achieve their full potential. My personalised Leadership Coaching will support you when moving into a more senior role with greater responsibility and employee engagement remit. Leaders working in positions with a high level of responsibility including Managers, Directors, Executives, Consultants, C-Suite level, similar levels in the Public Sector and Business Owners all benefit from my one-to-one Leadership Strategy Coaching programmes.

Accelerate Your Career

Career Transition

Career Transition Coaching helps ambitious professionals seeking a promotion, career change, navigating redundancy, or re-entering the workplace after a career break, and you want a solid career transition approach. Identify your professional and personal values and ensure they are aligned with your short and long-term career plans. Career Coaching helps you take stock of your career and professional goals, clarify your next steps and move forward using proactive job search techniques. During the coaching process you will be encouraged and supported to achieve your full potential. Career Transition Coaching also supports those considering Starting a Business.

Everyone has a career story

let me help you tell yours.