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Interview Preparation and Presentation Skills coaching for ambitious Professionals, Leaders, and Executives. Prepare relevant and concise answers, reduce nerves, increase confidence, and land your Dream Job!  I can help you optimise your interview success.

Change your approach to answering senior management interview questions.

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Personalised Interview Preparation Coaching to target Managerial, Leadership, Executive, and C-Level roles.

Enhance your interview success

Do you know the secret to landing a Leadership promotion?

Like a lot of things in life, preparation and practice are key to optimising your performance at interview. Perhaps you are well established in your career and want to interview for promotion at a mid-senior level. You may be out of the job market some time or going through a redundancy process and require a renewed confidence in your ability, skills, strengths, and experience, to help you demonstrate a 'Best Fit' at interview.

My tailored private one-to-one Interview Preparation Coaching programs are customised depending on the level of interview coaching required and specific areas you wish to focus on.

interview preparation

Are you as fully prepared as other leadership candidates? Interviews are a competition and you need to be at the top of your game.

Interview Confidence

Do you lack confidence during mid-senior, executive or, c-level interviews? Does your mind goes blank or do you struggle to get your examples across clearly and concisely?

interview presentation

Do you struggle with building rapport and engaging your audience? Are your interview answers telling a story or losing the interviewers' interest? Does your body language convey executive presence to succeed?

If you've answered YES, I can help you Get Interview Ready!

“My confidence was rock bottom when I got in touch with Louise. After 2 Interview Coaching sessions this COMPLETELY changed.”

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Helping talented Leadership, Executive and C-Level professionals

Get Interview Ready

Interview Preparation Coaching is a highly personalised process, which requires commitment and an investment in yourself.  Preparation in advance and practice are key when it comes to Interviews, and my tailored coaching program provides you with a structured approach, particularly for Competency-Based (Behavioural) Interviews and when preparing for formal Interview Presentations.

You may be anxious about certain aspects prior to interview and if not managed correctly this can result in the role going to another more prepared individual – the interview process is a competition after all. My Focused Interview Preparation one-to-one program is tailored to your needs and the type of interview you are preparing for, which is key to highlighting your unique strengths, closing any weaknesses, increasing competence and confidence, and optimising your performance on the day. 

ready to get into the right 'mindset'?

optimise your interview performance

During each focused one-to-one session you will receive constructive feedback on areas or behaviours that may be holding you back from achieving success at Leadership interviews. You will also receive Interview Preparation tools and techniques, which can be implemented immediately following your sessions.

Get Interview Ready for next-level roles

Focused Interview Preparation Program


I coach my Leadership clients preparing for interview directly, one-to-one. Each personalised interview preparation coaching session is specifically tailored to your requirements and level of position. Location and time zones are no problem as sessions take place online for flexibility and convenience.

Job analysis

I thoroughly analyse your job description prior to meeting with you to demonstrate exactly what the organisation are seeking. Tailored Questions & Answers are crafted for your mock style interview, and provided to support your ongoing practice.

Interview Preparation

Structured personalised one-to-one Interview Preparation Coaching to target mid-senior leadership and executive positions. Preparation, practice, constructive feedback and confidence-building techniques to help you optimise your interview performance and presentation delivery for leadership positions.

Interview Presentations

Optimise your Interview Presentation delivery, build your authentic style, reduce nerves, and articulate your message in a clear, concise and engaging manner to build instant rapport with your audience. Enhance your leadership presence, body language, vocal style, and structuring presentations.

Coaching Resources

Content is bespoke to each client’s Interview Coaching needs. Practical Coaching Exercises, Tools & Techniques, and Resources, are provided to keep you focused and motivated between sessions and support your interview preparation goals.


I personally 'check-in' with you via email between sessions with resources for sustained learning. This personalised 'check-in' keeps you accountable, and increases focus and motivation between sessions for optimum results. This tailored interview program is the confidence boost that gets my clients interview success.

Helping Professionals (Like You) Land Roles at:

Elevate your interview performance

Be prepared with a structured approach for landing your next leadership role!

When preparing for an upcoming scheduled interview, most Mid-Senior professionals benefit from the 'FOCUSED Interview Preparation' option (at least 2 sessions) to prepare and practice the techniques. If applying for a more Senior Level, Executive or C-Level role and you have not interviewed in some years, then realistically more coaching will be required to cover all preparation and presentation aspects. Interview Coaching can include the following focus areas and I can tailor to suit your interview needs:

I will help you to prepare, plan and sell yourself during the interview. Often candidates talk about everything but what the employer wants to hear – we work on understanding what the employer wants and getting that across during the interview.

Learn to clearly express who you are, starting with the all-important ‘Tell Me About Yourself?” question. If you struggle with this question you risk falling at the first hurdle. Grab the interviewer’s attention and build instant rapport with the panel. 

Prepare for different types of interviews including Competency-Based Interviews, Situational Interviews, and Values-Based Interviews. Learn to answer challenging mid-senior management questions using structured frameworks to keep you focused.

Even the most experienced senior professionals can crumble when interview nerves take over. An interview is a highly pressurised environment that requires structured preparation and practice. Understand how to handle your nerves and keep answers relevant, clear, and concise to interview confidently.

Enhance your communication skills and build rapport with your interviewers. Body language and tone of voice are key – we focus on influencing the panel with verbal and non-verbal communication and building trust. 

Gain a better understanding of why highlighting relevant ‘values’ during the interview is important for aligning yourself to an organisation and demonstrating a ‘best fit’. (See Leadership Coaching for more on ‘Values’).

Most Senior Level interviews require a professional presentation. I will coach you to craft a presentation that’s tailored to your audience, and tells a ‘story’ to gain trust. Optimise your presentation delivery, increase your confidence, build your authentic presentation style, and articulate your message in a clear, concise, and engaging manner to draw your audience in. We also look at enhancing your leadership presence, body language, vocal style, and structuring Powerpoint presentations.

First impressions count and confidence is key to building instant rapport with your interviewers. Clarify any fears or challenges that may be holding you back from performing at your best, and discover what differentiates you from your competition. 

“What makes you a unique candidate?” – this is a key question many leaders struggle to answer. Discover what differentiates you from the competition and demonstrate your value proposition during the interview.

Coaching is customised to your leadership requirements

mid-senior professionals.

Interview Skills coaching for Managers, Executives, and C-Level professionals from various backgrounds for positions in the Private Sector (Financial Services, ICT, Pharmaceutical, Medical, PR, Communications, Construction, Marketing) and Public Sector and Civil Service (HSE, Local Authorities, Education Sector, An Garda Síochána, for appointments at HEO, AP, PA, PO, TLAC level appointments and similar grades).

Preparing for Mid-Senior level positions

Learn to clearly convey relevant experience of key competencies including, strategic planning, leadership style, stakeholder engagement, managing projects, people development and higher levels of responsibility in a clear, concise and confident manner using structured coaching methods.

Internal or External Promotion

Demonstrate the appropriate level of competency using relevant strong examples, while conveying high levels of executive presence. Tailored one-to-one coaching for Manager, Director, Executive, Specialist, C-Level, Consultant roles, and similar Public Sector Grades (including AO/AP/PO and Top Level appointment).

Interviewing for a different industry

You can transition to the career of your dreams. Learn to showcase your transferable skill set and value proposition to influence the panel to choose you over strong competition. Build inner and outer confidence to communicate why you are the right 'fit' for the role and industry.

Returning to the workplace

I will support you in building authentic confidence in your ability and skill set following a long period away from the workplace such as career breaks, maternity leave or caring for others. Learn to authentically convey what makes you a unique candidate for the job and beat the competition.

“Louise was brilliant in pointing out the fixes I needed to make in order to present better at interview. After working with Louise I was much better prepared for my interviews, she also gave me great confidence that I had something to offer!”

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