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Virtual (Remote) Coaching via Skype


ONLINE COACHING (Remote/Virtual appointments)
COVID-19: Skype (or Zoom) Coaching available to meet current social distancing requirements.

In today's busy world of work you may not be able to attend in-person office appointments due to long hours, tight schedules, logistical reasons or due to social distancing requirements during the current COVID-19 health crisis.

Virtual Coaching (via Skype or Zoom) allows you to be coached from your preferred location, your office, home or out in nature, without any restrictions regarding time and travel arrangements. There is no need to worry about parking spaces or other travel fees, sessions can be scheduled at more flexible times to suit your lifestyle.

With over 20 years career strategy experience, Louise has been successfully coaching clients remotely in Ireland and Worldwide for over 12 years.

Virtual Coaching (Skype or Zoom) for Career and Leadership Coaching packages

It’s so easy and straightforward, appointments are generally scheduled within 2-4 working days from making your booking or earlier depending on appointment availability. Once you have the Skype application on your computer, laptop or phone we're good to go!

After your appointment is confirmed via e-mail, you add me to your Skype contacts and send an invite so we can connect. A brief coaching agreement will be e-mailed in advance of Skype sessions, which provides you with further clarification on the coaching process and establishes how we work together. 

Louise works with clients in Ireland and Worldwide who are comfortable with online video calling via Skype (or Zoom or preferred virtual method).

Online Bookings

Step 1: Get in touch - Contact Louise for appointment availability.

Step 2: Book Your Appointment.

Step 3: Start Your Coaching!

PLEASE NOTE - Virtual (Online) Bookings are valid for Skype Sessions Only and not In-Person Office Appointments at Dublin 4, Ireland.

Virtual (Skype or Zoom) Coaching Appointments:
Monday to Friday 8.00am-19.00pm GMT and Saturday Skype sessions available upon request.

Skype sessions are 1.5 or 2 hours in duration depending on package option.

If you would like to meet for an in-person appointment at the Dublin, Ireland office please e-mail louise@louisenevin.com

BOOK ONLINE SKYPE COACHING for those with busy schedules!

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