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Leadership and Executive Coaching/Business Coaching provides support to Team Leaders, Managers, Executives, Directors, Heads of Departments, Consultants, members of Senior Management teams, similar Public Sector Grades and Business Owners, Entrepreneurs with continuous Professional development and Personal performance.
Leadership and Executive Coaching supports individuals who have been successful in their career to date, however perhaps due to lack of fulfilment or progression in a current role, increased responsibility and lack of support, the possibility of redundancy or a downturn in your industry or business sector you now need to re-evaluate your situation and reposition yourself. Leadership Coaching allows you to take stock of your current situation with the support of an independe
nt sounding board, clarify next steps from a professional and personal perspective and implement an effective action plan. Leadership and Executive 'Self Marketing' areas include CV Coaching, Interview Preparation, LinkedIn Profile Development and building a supportive Network.

Leadership Coaching provides:

  • Time away from the busy day-to-day distractions in order to diagnose your current situation and explore different options from a Leadership & Executive or Business Owner perspective.
  • Support to those moving into or already working in more strategic roles with greater business responsibility and employee engagement remit.
  • Packages designed around each client's specific requirements such as building leadership confidence and self-belief, overcoming imposter syndrome, effective time management techniques, resilience, communication, conflict management, effective networking and work-life balance.
  • Identify what matters most in your leadership role (professional & personal values) and gain a better understanding of why values are so important when it comes to long term satisfaction, fulfilment and strategic planning.

Leadership Coaching Strategy & Self-Marketing services include:
- Career
Progression & Transition for Managers, Executives, Directors, similar Public Sector roles and Business Owners.
- Strate
gy and Performance Coaching.
- First 90 Days: adjusting to a new Leadership role.
- Post Redundancy Coaching - Next Steps following a recent redundancy.
- Self-Marketing techniques to explore the hidden and visible Job Market for Middle-Senior positions.
- Targeted CV, Job Applications and Interview Preparation.
- Interview Preparation including 'Competency Based Interview' for Middle-Senior Management roles.
- Raising your Leadership or Business Profile Online & Offline.

Leadership goals


  • Leadership Coaching 'Strategy Sessions' provide a confidential environment to diagnose your current situation and explore different options with a non-judgemental objective coach. Each session is designed around the client’s specific requirements. Coaching preparation in advance of Leadership Strategy sessions to help focus you and benefit most from the process. Particularly beneficial for those currently in a procrastination loop regarding career or business objectives. Includes coaching discussion, tools & techniques to support you between sessions (action plans). Individual Leadership Strategy sessions & packages available.
    for more details and appointment availability.
  • Bookings by appointment only - Remote Coaching via Skype or In-Person Coaching at Dublin 4 (just of Baggot Street in Dublin City Centre). PLEASE NOTE: there is a different coaching rate if you wish to meet in person at Dublin 4 please get in touch at louise@louisenevin.com for more details.

Improve my Brand






  • The Leadership and Executive Coaching 'Self-Marketing Sessions' help raise your profile using techniques such as targeted CVs, proactive Networking, effective LinkedIn Profiles and structured Interview Preparation. Suitable for those in an existing managerial role progressing to the next level or perhaps you are facing redundancy and now need to target similar or alternative roles/industries at a senior management level. Self-Marketing sessions can include coaching on proactive Job Search Techniques, CV & Interview Preparation, LinkedIn Profile development and building a supportive Network to enhance your career or business goals. Leadership Coaching packages to support you during Career Transition, Promotion, Pre-Post Redundancy, entering the job market after an extended Career Break.

    -Build Your Personal Brand - CV/Job Application Review Coaching' for mid-senior roles
    CV Coaching to target mid-senior Leadership positions. Includes a review of your existing CV (sent via e-mail) in advance of the coaching session. During the session constructive feedback is provided to make your CV as focused as possible. Learn how to edit and adapt your CV for a target role to ensure the full scope of your skills, experience, qualifications and achievements are clearly evident. A Job Specification analysis is included if applying for a specific role, demonstrating how to tailor your CV/Job Application. Includes one-to-one coaching (office based or via Skype). Option to also include Cover Letter/LinkedIn Profile review coaching.

    - Interview Preparation for mid-senior roles (Public & Private sectors)
    Interview Preparation Coaching assists you prepare, plan and "sell" yourself during the interview process for more mid-senior level roles. Understand what the employer wants, prepare for different types of interviews including Competency Based Interviews & learn to answer challenging questions. Reduce nerves using specific techniques to keep answers relevant and concise. A professional review of the Job Specification/Application in advance if applying for a specific role to focus line of questioning to the Leadership role. For more details on Interview Coaching packages see Interview Preparation

Bookings are by appointment - for more details on Remote/Skype Leadership and Executive and Business Coaching options use the Contact page to get in touch.

E-mail: louise@louisenevin.com for more details on CV and Interview Preparation packages and appointments.


Leadership Coaching offers:

  • The support of an objective coach with whom you can discuss doubts, challenging situations, work relationships and develop strategies to manage effectively.
  • Strategy sessions help you to think more creatively, identify & overcome limitations, become more resourceful and fulfill your potential.
  • Leadership & Executive Coaching supports Team Leaders, Managers, Executives, Directors, Heads of Departments, Consultants, members of Senior Management teams, similar Public Sector Grades and Business Owners, Entrepreneurs with continuous professional development & personal performance.
  • Assists with; strategic planning, empowering and motivating yourself and staff members, conflict management and delegating appropriately. 
  • Helps create effective time-management techniques to achieve professional goals, which are aligned to overall business objectives.
  • Leadership & Executive Coaching improves effectiveness in the workplace, while maintaining a good work/life balance.
  • Self-Marketing for Leaders - CVs/LinkedIn-power of social media in business/Interview Preparation, appropriate to your unique requirement.
  • Leadership coaching tools & techniques to stay motivated and support you between sessions, and create effective action plans.
  • Establish Leadership coaching agenda based on your requirements; agree number of sessions and frequency of sessions.
  • Leadership Coaching Strategy programmes include preparation in advance to focus the sessions further.

Where to find a Coach in Dublin

Location and Contact - bookings are by Appointment Only

Online Coaching Sessions: Monday-Friday 08.00am-7.00pm (GMT) and Saturday Skype Sessions available.

Virtual Coaching via Skype (or Zoom) allows you to be coached from your preferred location Worldwide -for example, your home, your office or outside in nature, without any restrictions on time or travel arrangements.
With over 20 years career strategy experience, Louise has been successfully coaching clients remotely in Ireland and Worldwide for over 12 years. Online coaching appointments are a minimum of 90 minutes in duration to benefit most from the coaching process.
Get in touch to start your coaching - contact

In-Person City appointments are currently postponed due to government guidelines - Online Coaching appointments continue as normal.

To ensure confidentiality in-person city appointments for private coaching clients are held on a one-to-one basis at Oscailt, 8 Pembroke Road, Dublin 4. Unlike hotel lobbies or other public venues, these coaching rooms provide a more private space free of distraction in a quiet relaxed setting.

Address: Oscailt, 8 Pembroke Road, Dublin 4.   (For a Map click here!)
In-Person City Appointments - Please contact me for availability.

Corporate Coaching - Executive Programmes (within Organisations): Monday-Friday

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