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Like a lot of things in life, preparation and practice are key to optimising your performance at interview. Perhaps you are well established in your career and want to interview for promotion at a mid-senior level. You may be out of the job market some time or going through a redundancy process and require a renewed confidence in your ability, skills, strengths and experience to help you demonstrate these at interview.

- Do you lack confidence at interviews or struggle to get your examples across clearly?

- Do you find updating your CV for a role you really want daunting?

- Is your LinkedIn profile attracting employers and recruiters to get in touch?

Interview Preparation Coaching packages are customised depending on the level of coaching required and areas you wish to focus on. Each person will have different requirements from coaching including those who are:

  • Seeking an internal or external promotion - ensure you demonstrate the appropriate level of competency using relevant strong examples, while conveying high levels of executive presence.
  • Interviewing for a completely different role/industry - showcase your transferable skill-set and influence the panel, first building inner confidence and then communicating why you are the right 'fit' for the role.
  • Preparing for Middle-Senior management level positions - Team Leader, Manager, Director, Executive, Specialist, Consultant roles and similar Public Sector Grades (including AO/AP/PO and Top Level appointments. Clearly demonstrate relevant experience of key competencies including, strategic planning, stakeholder engagement, managing projects, people development and higher levels of responsibility in a clear, concise and confident manner using structured coaching methods.
  • Returning to the workplace after an extended career break - create a strong CV/Job Application Form that gets you called to interview. Interview Preparation Coaching will support you in building confidence in your ability and skill set following a long period away from the workplace. Learn to authentically convey what makes you a unique candidate -influence the interview panel to choose you.

Interview Skills Coaching will support your preparation and provide you with a structured approach when practising your answers, particularly for Competency Based or Behavioural Interviews or when preparing for Interview Presentations. Candidates are often nervous prior to interview and if not managed correctly this can result in the role going to another more prepared individual. First impressions count and confidence is key to building instant rapport with your interviewers. Coaching will support you in achieving positive results at both Private and Public Service interviews and can reduce time-frames often associated with career transition and the interview process. The following are some of the most requested CV & Interview Preparation package options.

Interview Preparations

How we work together  
GET INTERVIEW READY - Interview Preparation Packages for upcoming     interviews.

  • Interview skills coaching to assist you prepare, plan and 'sell' yourself during the interview process. Know how to express who you are - understand what the employer wants, prepare for different types of interviews including Competency Based Interviews and learn to answer challenging questions. Reduce nerves using specific techniques to keep answers relevant and concise. Enhance communication skills & building rapport with your interviewers.

  • Prepare for Competency Based Interviews and potential Presentations or Assessment centres and learn to answer challenging Situational and Behavioural questions. Reduce nerves using specific techniques to keep answers relevant and concise.

  • A professional review of the Job Specification/Application in advance if applying for a specific role to focus line of questioning to the Leadership role (Job Spec/Application is e-mailed in advance of session).

  • The popular 'FOCUSED Interview Preparation Package' includes 2 x 90 minute personalised one-to-one coaching sessions (Interview Skills Coaching and Preparation Practice) via Skype/Teams (or Telephone), Interview Preparation Tips, Coaching Techniques, Practical Coaching Exercises including Sample Questions tailored to the industry/role you are preparing for. A Job Specification review is included if applying for a specific role to tailor Q&A.
    The 'FOCUSED Interview Preparation Package' is recommended to start the interview preparation process and most beneficial if you have not interviewed in some time or you are not currently achieving the desired results following a number of interviews (longer session time-frames can be arranged for in-depth last minute preparation etc..).

  • Bookings by appointment only - Online Coaching via Skype/Teams or In-Person appointments at Dublin 4 (just of Baggot Street in Dublin City Centre).

    Contact louise@louisenevin.com for more details on Interview Preparation sessions / packages and appointments.
  Interview Preparations

BUILD YOUR PERSONAL BRAND - CV Review & LinkedIn Profile Coaching Package.

The Build Your Personal Brand package takes you through a detailed and easy to understand process to enhance your Online & Offline professional presence. This coaching package also helps build more self-awareness and confidence in your skills and abilities and effectively package them into your CV and LinkedIn Profile.

  • The package includes a professional review of your existing CV/Job Application and LinkedIn Profile in advance of the sessions.
  • Also includes a Job Specification review if applying for a specific job, to demonstrate how to tailor your CV/Job Application and focus the session further.
  • Constructive feedback to make your CV/Job Application and LinkedIn Profile as focused as possible and to ensure the full scope of your skills, experience, qualifications and achievements are clearly evident.
  • Separate LinkedIn Profile Coaching session to enhance personal branding, grow your online network and tap into the invisible job market.
  • Coaching tools, techniques and supporting notes also provided.

    Contact louise@louisenevin.com for more details on Interview Preparation sessions / packages and appointments.

THE INTERVIEW - preparation coaching process.

Are you ready to get into the right 'mindset' and optimise your performance at interview?
During each coaching session you will receive constructive feedback on areas or behaviours that may be holding you back from achieving success at interview. You will also receive Interview techniques, which can be implemented immediately following the sessions.

The approach and choice of Interview Coaching package depends on the stage you are at in the interview preparation process. When preparing for a specific interview, most benefit from the 'Interview Preparation Package' (at least 2 sessions) to practice the techniques well in advance. For those with last minute interviews the in-depth 2 hour Interview Preparation session covers the main areas to enhance your performance on the day. If you have not interviewed in some time or if there will also be a presentation as part of the interview then realistically more than one focused session will be required to cover all aspects.

Interview Skills coaching for individuals and groups from various backgrounds for internal and external positions at all levels, across Public Sector and Civil Service (HSE, Local Authorities, Education Sector, An Garda Síochána for appointments at HEO, AP, PA, TLAC level appointments and similar grades) and Private Sector (such as Financial Services, ICT, Pharmaceutical & Medical, PR & Communications, Marketing) at Mid-Senior level positions. Interview Coaching can include the following focus areas depending on the package:

  • Assist you prepare, plan and sell yourself during the interview. Often candidates talk about everything but what the employer wants to hear - we work on understanding what the employer wants and getting that across during the interview.
  • Coaching on how to express who you are in a clear and concise manner (starting with the all important 'Tell Me About Yourself? Question).
  • Prepare for different types of interviews including Competence Based Interviews and learn to answer challenging mid-senior management questions using structured frameworks.
  • Reduce nerves to keep answers relevant, clear and concise.
  • Identify your current skills, strengths & talents and how they align with what the organisation is seeking in a potential candidate. Learn to market these effectively in your CV and get ready to articulate them at interview.
  • Enhance communication skills and building rapport with your interviewers.
  • Identify your Career Values and gain a better understanding on why highlighting relevant 'values' at interview is important for aligning yourself to an organisation and demonstrating a 'best-fit'. (See Leadership Strategy Coaching for more on 'Values').
  • Discover what differentiates you from the competition.
  • Clarify any fears or challenges that may be holding you back from performing at your best.

Interview Preparation Coaching areas include:
Job Seeking, Building Your Personal Brand, CV/Job Application Review, Networking, LinkedIn Profile Development, Interview Preparation, Structured Competency Based Interview techniques and Interview Presentation Preparation depending on your interview preparation needs. All packages include one-to-one coaching (office based or via Skype), coaching tools, techniques & supporting notes to keep you focused between and after sessions.


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