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Coaching helps you to stop procrastinating about decisions, focus on your priorities and change direction in career & life. One-to-one sessions will inspire you to embrace your unique talents and show you a roadmap to success on your own terms. I help people who want to thrive in career, business and life.
Coaching Sessions and Packages are customised to individual needs. Appointments are a minimum of 1.5hrs in duration to benefit most from the process.

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More details on - Leadership and Executive Coaching /Business Coaching and Career Coaching below.



Coaching packages

  • CAREER TRANSITION COACHING services include:
    Career Planning | Career Transition | CV & Interview Preparation | LinkedIn Profile development

    Career Coaching helps individuals focus on career fulfilment, career planning & transition, job search techniques or considering starting a business.

    Career Coaching offers the support of an objective coach with whom you can discuss doubts, explore challenging situations and gain clarity on your career direction.

    - Create career goals that are aligned with your professional aspirations and develop the motivation to take action on your goals.

    - Career Coaching packages include; one-to-one appointments (at Dublin 4 or remotely via Skype) and thought provoking tools & techniques to support you between and after sessions.

    - Career Coaching packages are customised to your needs - the most popular are the 'Career Planning' and 'Career Transition/Job Search' packages.

    - CV Coaching assists you target specific and speculative roles. Includes constructive feedback to make your CV as focused as possible, edit and adapt your CV for a target role (or speculative application) to ensure the full scope of your skills, experience, qualifications and achievements are clearly evident.

    - Interview Preparation prepares you for different types of interviews including Competency Based Interviews. Learn to answer challenging questions using structured frameworks. The Interview Preparation sessions include Interview support notes and Sample Interview Questions - if applying for a specific position the Interview Questions will be tailored to the role to focus the session further.

    Contact louise@louisenevin.com

    Career Transition

person in a maze
    Leadership Strategy Coaching | Leadership Self-Marketing - Raising Your Profile, Interview Preparation

    Are you working in a role with a high level of responsibility such as a Team Leader/Manager/Head of Department/Executive/Consultant/Specialist, similar Public Sector Grades or an Entrepreneur/Business Owner?
    If so the Leadership & Executive Coaching services will be appropriate to your needs.

    - Leadership Strategy sessions provide time away from the busy day-to-day distractions in order to diagnose your current situation and explore different options from a Leadership & Executive or Business Owner perspective.

    - Leadership Coaching supports those moving into or already working in more strategic roles with greater business responsibility and employee engagement remit.

    - Leadership Coaching Strategy sessions are designed around each client's specific requirements such as confidence, self-belief, time management, overcoming challenges, resilience, communication and networking.

    - Leadership Self-Marketing sessions can include coaching on proactive Job Search Techniques, CV & Interview Preparation, LinkedIn Profile development and building a supportive Network to enhance your career or business goals.

    - Leadership Coaching programmes include preparation in advance, scheduled one-to-one appointments (at Dublin 4 or remotely via Skype), coaching tools and techniques to support you and stay motivated between and after sessions.

    Contact louise@louisenevin.com

    Leadership and Executive Coach
    Note: For career oriented aspects please see Career Coaching and Leadership & Executive/Business Coaching options.

    Focuses on your life outside the work environment and assesses where you are going in your life.

    Life Coaching sessions work specifically on your life skills.

    Sessions and packages include Life Coaching tools, techniques and exercises to work on and stay motivated between sessions.

    Life Coaching



Coaching Location

Location & Contact

To ensure confidentiality all private coaching client sessions are held on a one-to-one basis at Oscailt, 8 Pembroke Road, Dublin 4. Unlike hotel lobbies or other public venues, these coaching rooms provide a more private space free of distraction. Sessions can also take place via Skype by arrangement for those with tight schedules or to reduce travel requirements. Louise work's with clients in Ireland and Internationally who are comfortable with online/video calling via Skype. The choice is yours. Office appointments are a minimum of 1.5hrs in duration to benefit most.

One-to-One Coaching appointments in Dublin take place at Oscailt, Dublin 4.
This coaching room provides a more private space in a quiet relaxed setting. Skype Sessions are also available.

Address: Oscailt, 8 Pembroke Road, Dublin 4.   (For a Map click here!)

Private Client One-to-One Sessions:
Skype Sessions: Weekday and Saturday Skype Sessions available.

Corporate Coaching - Executive Programmes (within Organisations): Monday-Friday

Discover the benefits of Coaching - Contact Today! E-mail: louise@louisenevin.com

Coaching Benefits

Benefits of Coaching include:

Direction: Gain clarity on career direction - implement long-term strategy and short term actions.

Focus: Remove distractions, set priorities and focus on what matters most.

Support: Working with a coach who will support and encourage you on your journey of change

Work Life Balance: Create more balance and control both inside and outside the workplace

Communication: Influence at a peer and senior level and get your message across clearly

Commitment: Full investment into the process and goals

Energy: Raise motivation levels and gain a renewed energy


Discover the benefits of Coaching - Contact Today!
E-mail: louise@louisenevin.com

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