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Coaching enables you to clarify what you want, set specific goals and design professional and personal plans to acheive what matters most to you. Coaching provides that all important, but usually forgotten thinking and reflection time in order to move things forward in a positive direction. Taking your personal & professional circumstances into consideration, coaching focuses on measurable steps of success and looks at key areas including: Career Direction & Transition, Management Development, Personal & Business Goal Setting, Self Confidence, Creativity & Innovation, Communication Skills, Work-Life Balance and Self Development.

Coaching benefits people of all ages from a variety of backgrounds and walks of life. The one element these individuals have in common is, they are people ready for change. By taking stock at regular intervals to re-asses your goals coaching can help you to work out where you can find true fulfillment and balance.

How We Work Together
Sometimes we need to take stock of where we are and how fulfilled we feel, before looking at where we really want to be long-term. Family and friends always want what is best for us but often this is not want we want for ourselves. Coaching is an empowering process, working with someone who has an objective view of the situation, who can raise your awareness of different perspectives and explore necessary steps to change direction. Insightful coaching techniques will help you identify your career and personal values, talents & transferable skills before creating short & long term action plans. Each person's experience of coaching will differ and so too will the duration of their sessions. Coaching requires personal commitment and is not a quick-fix process and will deliver results over time. All Coaching packages include one-to-one appointements (office based or via Skype), appropriate Career Coaching tools, techniques & tips are provided to keep you focused between and after appointments.Typically sessions would be weekly or fortnightly and most people benefit from between 2-4 sessions (often more at a Leadership level). That said, feedback from my clients in both Public and Private sectors, is that they see positive changes and achieve the results they want quite quickly, which is what most people want. Completing the coaching techniques between sessions maintains focus and momentum in achieving the positive results you desire.

To ensure confidentiality all private coaching client sessions are held on a one-to-one basis at Oscailt, Dublin 4. Unlike hotel lobbies or other public venues, these coaching rooms provide a more private space free of distraction. Sessions can also take place via Skype by arrangement for those with tight schedules or to reduce travel requirements. I work with clients in Ireland and Internationally who are comfortable with online/video calling via Skype. In order to step back from the day to day distractions on a professional and personal level appointments are a minimum of 90 minutes in duration, which allows you to benefit most from the process and cover the appropriate coaching content.

How we work together
    Supports individuals operating at a Middle-Senior Management, Executive, Director, Consultant level and Business Owners, Entrepreneurs with continuous professional development & personal performance. Leadership & Executive Coaching assists individuals who have been successful in their career to date, however perhaps due lack of fulfillment, the possibility of redundancy or a downturn in your industry or business sector you now need to re-evaluate your situation and reposition yourself. Leadership Coaching also supports those moving into more senior roles with greater business responsibility and employee engagement remit. Leadership Coaching clients work on various Professional(career) and Personal(life) leadership areas and do not always manage other staff. This coaching service helps Managers and Business Owners think more creatively, identify & overcome limitations and self-confidence issues, become more resourceful, enhance communication and networking skills and fulfill your leadership potential.

    Leadership Coaching Strategy & Self-Marketing services include;
    -Career Progression & Transition for Managers, Executives and Entrepreneurs
    -Strategy and Performance Coaching
    -First 90 Days: adjusting to a new Leadership position
    -Post Redundancy Coaching -Next Steps following a recent redundancy
    -Self-Marketing techniques to explore the hidden and visible Job Markets for Senior positions
    -Interview preparation including 'Competency Based Interviews' for Middle-Senior Management roles

    -Raising your Leadership or Business Owner Profile Online & Offline
    -Targeted CV, Job Application & Interview preparation for Senior roles.

    More details on Leadership & Executive Coaching

  • CAREER COACHING for Graduate up to Junior Management level
    Helps individuals from Graduate to recently appointed Junior Management level with career development and direction. Also supports individuals considering leaving full-time employment to Start a Business. Career Coaching helps focus on career fulfillment and or career transition/job search techniques.
    Career coaching assists when dealing with challenging work situations, identifying your professional & personal values and if they are aligned with your career goals. Career coaching encourages and supports you in achieving your full professional potential.
    Career Coaching packages for key areas including:
    -Career Planning for Graduate up to Junior Management positions
    -Career Transition & Job Search techniques
    -CV Review/Job Applications
    -Interview preparation including 'Competency Based Interviews'
    -LinkedIn Profile Development
    -Exploring Self-Employment options.

    More details on Career Coaching

    (See Leadership & Executive Coaching if you work at a Mid-Senior level or a current Business Owner)

    Life Coaching focuses on your life outside the work environment and accessses where you are going in your life. Life Coaching supports you in identifying what matters most to you and how you can achieve the things that add real value and purpose to your life.
    Note: for career orientated aspects please see Career Coaching and Leadership & Executive/Business Coaching options.

    More details on Life Coaching

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  Who needs Coaching? Ask yourself.......
Are you feeling stuck, confused or overwhelmed?
Do you want to increase your self-esteem & confidence when starting a new role?
Do you want to improve leadership, competence in your abilities, communication and time management skills?
Want a new career and don't know where to start?
Do you want more meaning and purpose in life?
Are you ready to take the time to make changes in your career & life and take action?
If you answer YES to any of these questions coaching will work for YOU!
  Who I Work With

My background in the corporate, commerical and creative industries allows me work with people in various positions across the Private and Public sectors. Everyone is different and will present different issues and goals, but the one thing clients have in common is they want more fulfillment and balance in their career & life than they currently have. Coaching can help to work out where you can find that fulfillment and work-life balance. Individuals, groups and teams in the following sectors, industries and professions have benefited from my coaching services:

  • Senior Executives & Managers, Middle Management, Non-Management, Graduates
  • Entrepreneurs starting a business & Self-Employed
  • Business owners who want to increase visibility and sales
  • Financial Services Sector
  • Pharmacutical Industry
  • Telecommunications
  • Film-makers, Actors, Script Writers, Directors
  • Graphic designers, Web designers
  • Fashion & Retail
  • Suppliers within the Wedding Industry

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