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Leadership Skype Coaching allows you to be coached from your office or home location without any restrictions regarding time and travel arrangements - no need to worry about parking spaces or other travel fees. It’s so easy and straightforward and appointments are generally scheduled within 3-5 working days from making your online-booking or earlier depending on appointment availability. Once the appointment is confirmed via e-mail, you send your Skype address, which I add to my directory and then I call you at the confirmed appointment time/date. Once you have the Skype application on your computer, laptop or phone we're good to go! I work with clients in Ireland and Internationally who are comfortable with online/video calling via Skype.
For your convenience you can book any of our most requested Leadership Packages online via PayPal.

SKYPE coaching hours are often more flexible for those who cannot meet during normal business hours. SKYPE sessions generally take place Mon-Fri between 09.00am -19.00pm GMT. Saturday SKYPE Sessions available upon request.
Please enter your e-mail/telephone number in the ‘SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS‘ box on the PayPal ‘REVIEW YOUR PAYMENT SCREEN'. Appointments are generally scheduled within 3-5 working days from making your online-booking or earlier depending on appointment availability.

Skype sessions are 1.5 or 2 hours in duration depending on session/package option.

Please Note: By purchasing SKYPE coaching packages/sessions online, you agree to adhere to the 'Terms & Conditions' of sale - please read T&Cs below.

Option 1: Leadership Strategy Coaching Package: includes 2x1.5hr Leadership Strategy Sessions.
Diagnose your current situation and explore different options-each strategy session is designed around the client’s specific requirements.
Coaching preparation in advance of Strategy sessions to help focus you and benefit most from the session. Particularly beneficial for those currently in a procrastination loop regarding career or business objectives. Includes coaching discussion, tools & techniques to support you between sessions (action plans). Leadership preparation in advance to help focus you on what you would like to achieve -preparation document will be forwarded once appointment is confirmed. All sessions in a coaching package must be attended within a 4-6 week timeframe, starting from date of first session, to benefit most from the process and package rates.

SKYPE COACHING - LEADERSHIP PACKAGE 2x1.5hr sessions - €520 (€550 if booked separately)

Option 2: Leadership & Executive CV/Job Application Coaching to target Middle-Senior Management/Leadership positions.
CV Coaching specific session, includes a review of your existing CV in advance of the session. A 1.5hr CV coaching session includes constructive feedback to make your CV as focused as possible, edit and adapt your CV for a target role to ensure the full scope of your skills, experience, qualifications and achievements are clearly evident. CV & Cover Letter tips included and includes a CV review/analysis if current CV available. Note: this is CV Coaching and not a CV writing service - you are coached to develop a personalised CV and not a generic template.
Click dropdown for either a 1.5hr (without LinkedIn) or 2hr (with LinkedIn).
Option 3: Leadership & Executive Interview Preparation Coaching to target Middle-Senior Management/Leadership positions.
Interview skills coaching to assist you prepare, plan and "sell" yourself during the interview process. Know how to express who you are - understand what the employer wants, prepare for different types of interviews including Competency Based Interviews and learn to answer challenging Senior Management questions. Reduce nerves using specific techniques to keep answers relevant and concise. Communication skills & building rapport with your interviewers. Includes Interview tips and Job Spec review in advance to focus line of questioning and tailor session further.
Click dropdown for and Individual 1.5hr or 2hr session OR Interview Package (2x1.5hrs)
PLEASE NOTE: Online Bookings are for Skype Sessions Only and NOT Office Appointments.
If you wish to meet for a face to face appointment at the Dublin office please
e-mail or complete the Booking Enquiry Form for Private Client session rates & availability.
  Terms & Conditions of sale and Cancellation Policy

Online Bookings for Skype Sessions

Online Bookings for SKYPE sessions are valid for 3 months from the date of purchase for the amount specified only. Online Bookings are for Skype Sessions only (NOT Office Appointments).
Once notification of the Online Booking has been processed, Louise Nevin Career & Executive Coach, will contact you by e-mail to schedule your Skype appointment. For Coaching Packages (i.e. 2 or more Skype Sessions) all sessions must be attended via Skype within a 3 month timeframe, starting from date of purchase.
In the unlikely event of the client failing to organise or attend a Skype session/package within 3 months of the purchase date, Louise Nevin may at her discretion offer a credit towards future Skype session dates, depending on availability and within 12 months of the original date of purchase. After 12 months and if the client has failed to organise or attend the Skype session/package all payments shall be deemed liquidated assests to Louise Nevin Career & Executive Coach.

Online Bookings are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged, either fully or in part for cash of any amount.

Payment method
By selecting this payment option, you agree to the transfer of personal data required for payment processing. See full 'Privacy and Cookie Policy' - point 15 for more details on data protection provsions about the use of PayPal as a payment processor.

Reschedule/Cancellations Policy - for Leadership Coaching Skype appointments:
Coaching requires a commitment. I do understand that, from time to time, there may be extenuating circumstances when you have to cancel or reschedule your appointment; however, I request that any cancellation or rescheduling of your Skype appointment is made at least 3 working days in advance between the hours of 09.00am-17.00pm GMT Monday-Friday ONLY (not Sat/Sun). I value your time and hope that you value mine. A request to reschedule or cancel at short notice prevents me from being able to accommodate others. The policy in relation to confirmed Skype Coaching appointments, which are rescheduled or cancelled with less than the outlined time-frame (see below), is that you will be expected to pay the full agreed upon cost of the session (or one session of a coaching package not including discounted rate), which will be invoiced following the late cancellation. This policy applies to both New & Existing clients. All cancellations must be made by phone call (no e-mails or text messages please) on: 085 1650798 between the hours of 9.00am-5.00pm Monday-Friday ONLY (not Sat/Sun) i.e. if you need to cancel a Skype appointment made for a Wednesday it must be made by 5pm on the Monday beforehand to avoid 100% cancellation fee and 5pm on the Friday beforehand to avoid a 50% cancellation fee. This is to accommodate scheduling and bookings for clients waiting on a session. I appreciate your consideration with adhering to this policy that protects everyone from confusion and discomfort. If more than 3 working days notice is received the Skype booking will be rescheduled, subject to availability.

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